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The Biden Regime’s War Against MAGA

"Joe Biden’s regime knows that President Trump and his movement represent the clearest threat to the elite ruling class in the corrupt swamp that is known as Washington, D.C."

Over the last two years, we have seen the radical left go to lengths of destroying our nation that our country has never quite seen before here in the land of the free. The Biden Regime has pushed everything from gender transition surgeries on little children, to targeting their political opponents who stand proudly with President Trump and the list goes on. In recent months with all the pure hatred and attacks coming from the Biden Administration towards Conservatives, I can’t even say that most patriotic Americans recognize our country we’ve grown up to know and love.

Just two weeks ago, at least 35 MAGA Republicans and allies of President Trump were subject to FBI Raid’s in locations across the country and the mainstream media stayed completely silent on this very revealing story, along with how the Biden Regime is weaponizing the government to target everyday Americans.

My question is, when will the Republican establishment finally wake up to the fact that the Media Companies, Corporations, and corrupt Government agencies are all working in lockstep to destroy anyone who stands with President Donald J. Trump and the America First movement?

Look no further than the fact that a whistleblower came out this week from the FBI with a statement saying, “They’re more focused on targeting cases that involve prosecuting their political adversaries rather than worrying about investigating Child Sex abuse cases.” As Republicans, we must be willing to challenge the insane narrative the radical left is pushing that using institutional power to target those who disagree with you politically and letting child predators get off is downright evil and should never be allowed to happen in America.

Have the mainstream news outlets condemned Joe Biden for his attacks on MAGA Republicans in the last few weeks? Not for a second, even after multiple days of people being targeted for being conservative, the media couldn’t care less since these stories do not fit their narrative of painting everyone on the Republican side as a far-right extremist or fascist. Whether it be the increase in attacks of Conservatives on college campuses, the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago, or locking political opponents up in solitary confinement for hours upon end without giving them their due process rights or the right to a fair trial. The reality is that Democrats care more about holding onto power and threatening their political opponents, than they do about hearing forgotten Americans who just want their voices to be heard. I don’t believe that it is radical to want to put God, America, and Freedom first contrary to what Joe Biden’s regime and the globalists want to tell you is “extreme”.

The truth is that Joe Biden’s regime knows that President Trump and his movement represent the clearest threat to the elite ruling class in the corrupt swamp that is known as Washington, D.C.

If you think that the regime will only stop with President Trump and those in his inner circle, while then you need to pay closer attention to what their end goal truly is. The only real threat to Democracy is an authoritarian regime in the White House that is willing to yield their power to go after their political opponents and the Democrat party must be defeated at all costs this November.

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