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Spadea on Ciattarelli: "Jack is the Past"

Updated: Mar 15

New Jersey media personality and Republican grassroots leader Bill Spadea dismissed former gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli at the New Jersey GOP convention this past week, declaring his to be "the past... a perennial candidate who's been in politics for the past 30 years."

"There was a dismissive nature of the Ciattarelli campaign that I think is the direct reason why six in ten New Jerseyans did not turn out (to vote). And it was the opposite in Virginia," Spadea contended.

"Where was the discussion about bringing back our small business other than a couple of talking points, where was discussion about fixing our roads and bridges, and standing up for teachers? Where was the discussion about stopping this horrific and ridiculous mandate of bi-weekly testing or twice a week testing for teachers or healthcare professionals?"

Spadea also asserted that grassroots activism was essential to motivating New Jerseyans to vote and turn out for conservative candidates, and stated that he wanted to unify the party so it could grow and move forward.

"We need candidates and elected leaders at the state and local level to address practical solutions that affect everyday families. I'm leading grassroots patriots across the state on common sense issues that matter to New Jerseyans. Listen to the people! THAT'S how we WIN!"

Spadea is widely considered to be a future contender for the New Jersey GOP gubernatorial nomination in 2025.

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