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Rizzo Questions Which Version of Tom Kean is Running Amid Debate Silence

It has been two weeks since Phil Rizzo invited Tom Kean to a debate in the NJ-07 Congressional race, offering to pay the cost of the debate and allow Kean to select the moderator. There has been no response from Kean. The offer was made on Friday, May 6th via email to Harrison Neely from George Khalaf of the Resolute Group.

“New Jerseyans are facing record inflation, rising costs, high property taxes, education indoctrination, and rising crime rates,” said Rizzo. “NJ-07’s next congressman will be called on to address those issues and stand up to an increasingly inept and hostile administration.”

Tom Kean has been in office since 2001 and is the son of former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean Sr.

“Tom Kean has a long and spotty record of leftist positions ( giving way to quick conservative pivots - usually ahead of primary elections,” Rizzo explained. “New Jerseyans deserve to know which version of Tom Kean wants to be their congressman. And how will they know that if he refuses to step on a debate stage? I believe elected officials are to be held accountable for their record, not hide from it.”

“We have made the arrangement as comfortable as possible for Tom. Now all that remains is for him to gather the guts to face me and the voters to tell us who he is. If he can’t do that, how do we expect him to stand up to Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden if he goes to Washington? If all Tom can do is recite speeches written for him, how could he possibly be qualified to fight for New Jersey families?”

The New Jersey Primary election is June 7.

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