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Rizzo Outraises All Kean Primary Opponents Combined, Emerges As Clear Challenger To Establishment

Phil Rizzo, Congressional candidate in New Jersey’s 7th District, has outraised every non-establishment primary opponent combined. Rizzo hauled in over $215,000 in just 90 days of campaigning in contrast with the combined $80,000 raised by his opponents in Q1.

“The race is now between me and Kean, and it’s time for my opponents to do the right thing and bow out,” Rizzo said.

In an interview on Monday, he called for unity from the ‘non-establishment’ candidates and pointed out that his campaign has raised more money in 90 days than all the non-establishment candidates collectively in the entire life of their races.

“It would be tough to say that their campaigns have "stalled" given the fact that they’ve never really started,” Rizzo said. “There’s plenty of room under the Rizzo tent for patriots who are ready to send the establishment packing. But to get there, we need to be unified.”

Republicans are waking up to the truth about Phil Rizzo’s establishment opponent, Tom Kean. Rizzo’s campaign recently unmasked his liberal record on a new website - — exposing a weak, spineless Trenton sellout who New Jersey can’t afford to send to Washington. “New Jerseyans are sick of being sold out by a career politician who has been in it for himself since 2001. If you’re ready for change, the Rizzo campaign is your home.”

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