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PROOF: Ron DeSantis Shut Down Florida Businesses

Dozens of reports from local news outlets detail the struggle small businesses had with DeSantis’s shutdown orders.

At a press conference in 2020, DeSantis says his admin will be the "grim reaper" of business licenses if they do not follow COVID guidelines.

Governor Ron DeSantis has sought to distinguish himself as an elected official who never locked down Florida, shut down small businesses, and kept bars open.

However, multiple reports from news outlets detail how the Governor and his administration crushed small businesses during 2020 with orders to shut down, stop serving food, or stripping business licenses altogether.

A report from WKMG News 6 Orlando reported that Florida: “launches inspections on bars and restaurants... looking for those who do not follow CDC guidelines,” even detailing how local sheriffs offices were enlisted to enforce the guidelines.

CBS Miami reported in July 2020 that DeSantis banned on-site alcohol sales in bars in March, and then reinstated the order in July.

Tampa Bay 10 reported in March 2020 documented the human element of bars and restaurants closing on Floridians, with many owners wondering how they’re going to pay their bills:

At a news conference in June of 2020, DeSantis and his administration say they will be the “grim reaper” of business licenses if the restaurants do not limit customers.

Another report from The Hill in June of 2020 shows bar owners in tears about how they can’t make ends meet under the Governor’s lockdowns.

NBC News 2 reported in June 2020 that DeSantis’s administration banned some businesses from selling alcohol, with one employer having to call his employees to say they’re “basically unemployed again.”

A September 2020 report from WESH 2 News had Florida bar owners describing how shutting down their businesses is a “slap in the face.”

Fox 4 interviewed local Florida bar owners about DeSantis’s lockdowns in March 2020. “It’s gonna be rough.”

WKMG News 6 reported how one bar paid nearly $2,000 to renew their liquor license, only to be shut down days later.

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