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Phil Rizzo Challenges Tom Kean To Debate In NJ-07 Republican Primary Race

Phil Rizzo, political outsider and former gubernatorial candidate, challenges establishment candidate Tom Kean to a debate so Kean can defend his liberal record.

“Tom Kean has been selling out New Jersey for over 20 years,” Rizzo said, “The people deserve to know the truth about Kean. That’s why we’re challenging him to a debate; to expose his liberal track record and the crooked lie that he is a ‘Republican’ and a ‘conservative.’ Kean doesn’t represent our values and doesn’t deserve to represent the people of New Jersey in Congress.”

Tom Kean needs to go on the record and defend his two decades worth of extreme Leftist voting:

Time and location of the debate are to be determined upon confirmation of Kean’s acceptance of Rizzo’s challenge. The people of New Jersey and Congressional District 7 deserve to hear the frontrunners go head to head on the issues that matter to our district.

Rizzo raised over 200 thousand dollars in 90 days, solidifying his position as the frontrunner alternative to RINO Kean.

Rizzo looks forward to a response from the Kean campaign and eventually meeting Tom Kean on the debate stage.

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