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Newly-Surfaced Videos Show Blatant Bias from Letitia James Campaigning on "Get Trump"

Updated: Sep 1

“I look forward to going into the office of Attorney General every day, suing him…and then going home.”

New York’s left-wing Attorney General Letitia James and her office have long claimed that their investigations into Donald Trump and his businesses are “unbiased,” and not politically motivated.

But bizarre videos have surfaced showing James explicitly campaigning on investigating President Trump, claiming “the days of this President are numbered,” and that “it’s the power of the people that ultimately will bring him down.”

One amateur video shows Letitia James onstage performing an apparently original parody of “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, in which she sings ““Go on Donald, walk out the door…you’re not welcome anymore.”

Another video shows James at a rally in New York City, deriding the former President and calling him multiple names.

“We know he (Trump) is crazy. We know he doesn’t have a sound mind. We know he’s out of control We know he’s losing it. We know his days are numbered…there’s nothing that will turn us around, not even that crazy man in the White House”

Yet another shows the Attorney General with an apparent Instagram influencer, where she brags that she is going to sue President Trump, and that she will be a “real pain in the a--.”

The videos are the latest in a series of content purporting to show bias on behalf of the Attorney General, who was shown weeks ago in a video posted by Eric Trump about how she planned to attack President Trump once she was elected, calling him an “illegitimate president.”

“I look forward to going into the office of Attorney General every day, suing him…and then going home.”

President Trump previously responded to a deposition scheduled for last year on Truth Social, alleging the Attorney General ‘openly campaigned on the policy of ‘Get and Destroy Trump.’”

“What Letitia James has tried to do the last three years is a disgrace to the legal system, an affront to New York State taxpayers, and a violation of the solemn rights and protections afforded by the United States Constitution,” President Trump said. “I did nothing wrong, which is why, after five years of looking, the Federal, State and local governments, together with the Fake News Media, have found nothing.”

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