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New Jersey Pastor and Former Gubernatorial Candidate Launches PAC to Elect True Conservatives

Phil Rizzo, pastor of City Baptist Church and former New Jersey gubernatorial candidate, has launched a political action committee aimed at electing conservative outsiders to challenge the entrenched political class in New Jersey.

The PAC, named "Jersey Rising," has a mission of "marshaling an army of dedicated conservative activists behind strong outsider candidates in strategic races statewide to challenge the status quo and ensure that our traditional American values are represented, and our liberties are protected."

Life, protecting the Bill of Rights, medical freedom, and education are some of the top issues the PAC plans to champion.

"Conservatism is alive and well in New Jersey, and we're only going to continue to rise," Phil Rizzo, the PAC's founder stated in its announcement video.

"It can be difficult to get elected and survive as an outsider in New Jersey," the PAC's website says. "Those who are not career politicians are not only inexperienced at running campaigns and building campaign infrastructure, but also face baked-in disadvantages such as the county line, for instance, which tilt the field in favor of the establishment candidates. We’re here to not only level the playing field, but to give conservative outsiders their own unfair advantage."

More information about the political action committee and its mission can be found at

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