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Jersey Rising Announces Candidate Endorsements for 2021 Election Cycle

Jersey Rising, a political action committee dedicated to electing true conservative candidates in New Jersey, announced their 2021 election cycle candidate endorsements.

Founder Phil Rizzo announced the candidates and interviewed them on his Jersey Rising podcast.

"This week, I am excited to announce the first slate of endorsements from Jersey Rising. These candidates will all be on the ballot on Tuesday, November 2nd. They range from school board, to assembly, to mayoral candidates, and most importantly, they all stand for our core values.

These candidates are working hard to have the opportunity to fight for us as elected officials, and Jersey Rising will be fighting for them. Through your support, we have been able to assist each of these campaigns financially---but we won't stop there.

We intend to invest time and energy into each of these races to ensure our voices are represented at each level of government.

As I said, your support for Jersey Rising is instrumental in helping these candidates, but I would also encourage you to reach out to them and support their campaigns directly as well."

The endorsed candidates are below:

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