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Heidi Who? Why Washington Voters Must Choose Joe Kent

Joe Kent is the most qualified candidate in the race, and the only one who can prevent WA-3 from falling victim to the radical left.

American news-watchers know Joe Kent. The square-jawed Green Beret running for Washington’s Third Congressional District has become a regular fixture on Fox News. His decorated military service, as well as the tragic loss of his wife to ISIS militants, gives him deep credibility on foreign policy matters, and his refined, thoughtful ‘America First’ foreign policy platform stands in sharp contrast to the Biden administration’s slow stumble into World War III.

America needs Joe Kent — not Heidi St. John.

Wait…who? Good question. The little-known author (Lapbooking Made Simple) and motivational speaker (“Hot Monogamy for Tired Moms”) is, like Joe Kent, running for Washington’s Third. Unlike Joe Kent, however, she is utterly unqualified to serve in the House of Representatives. To say her record is “embellished” is an insult to embellishment: it is a kaleidoscope of lies.

She claims to be a successful business owner, but her non-profit has a failing rating on Charity Navigator. Her bad financial habits are reflected in her campaign finance: though she isn’t raising much money, her spending is out of control. Heidi spent more than she raised during Q2 of 2021, but had no problem staying — at donors’ expense — at a 5-star resort in Colorado Springs.

Now she is running out of money — a familiar situation for her. On her website, she admits that she went through a foreclosure and was on welfare; yet, despite her public admission, she repeatedly dismisses articles about her failed business as “false accusations.” Is someone who cannot balance her own budget, then lies about it, a person who can be entrusted with billions of taxpayer dollars?

She has admitted to crippling anxiety and PTSD, as well as a 25-year bout with drug addiction — and to treating her many severe illnesses with essential oils. Which essential oils can treat a nation on the brink of a hot war with a nuclear-armed superpower? Will burning sage in the halls of Congress bring peace to the Donbass? Probably not. Essential oils haven’t even brought her to the debate stage. Joe Kent, on the other hand, has stated repeatedly that he will debate anyone, and has already debated Brent Hennrich, the only Democrat running in the race.

America needs steady, competent leadership, and thoughtful, nuanced policy positions. Joe Kent’s social media accounts feature interviews, discussions, and solutions to the problems facing our nation; his website offers his policy positions on every issue. While he discusses foreign policy on America’s most-watched news program, Heidi posts lame memes and blurry selfies.

Worst of all, her entire campaign is built on a lie. A year ago, she promised to support the Trump-backed candidate for Washington’s Third, and to drop out if that candidate was not her, which it is not — President Trump has backed Joe Kent. She is dishonest, financially irresponsible, and unqualified. The best thing she can do is fulfill her promise and drop out — better late than never.

If this sounds like sour grapes, note that Washington State has a “jungle primary” system, in which the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, advance to the general election. The Republican candidates agreed to rally behind the strongest, most electable candidate, giving them the best possible odds against the incumbent — establishment swamp creature Jamie Herrera-Beutler.

The unelectable Heidi has no pathway to victory. Every vote she siphons from other candidates is, in essence, a vote for Jaime — who, despite being nominally a Republican, was the Democrats’ star impeachment witness. Disliked by the right AND the left, Herrera-Beutler will lose against a Democrat. For the GOP to hold its seat, Joe Kent must be the candidate.

Joe Kent is the most qualified candidate in the race, and the only one who can prevent WA-3 from falling victim to the radical left.

The conventional wisdom is to rally behind the incumbent. This fall, voters in Washington’s Third must instead rally behind the outsider, and elect Joe Kent to Congress.

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