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GUESTVIEW: Protect Innocent Life, No Matter the Costs


The most fundamental right we must protect is defending and standing up for those who cannot speak for themselves. The atrocity known as abortion has had devastating impacts on mothers, fathers, unborn babies, and our society. Since the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cases which legalized abortion on demand in 1973, over 62 million lives have sadly been lost due to this tragedy.

Did you know that America’s abortion laws are some of the most extreme in the world up there with China and North Korea? We as Conservatives must be willing to go on offense to defend the voiceless among us. The American people are calling on us in 2022, to elect Pro-life conservative leaders to Congress who are willing to advance policies that protect innocent human life, which includes those who are unborn.

The radical leftists who support abortion on demand have used every tool at their availability to consolidate their extreme approach to abortion rights and conscience right especially in states like New York and California. Their hatred for life is despicable and something Conservatives must recognize is on the line in the upcoming midterm election.

Our moment is now as Conservatives to take a stand for life because it is our most basic human freedom, which we must preserve given to us by God. One item the Democrats can’t ever downplay is that every single life has potential and worth regardless of whether they are born or unborn. The monumental Supreme Court case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization gives our court system, the opportunity to correct the major constitutional error to overturn Roe v. Wade. Most Americans don’t support Abortion on Demand which was imposed by Roe v. Wade and Conservatives must seize this opportunity to change the trajectory of how life is viewed in America.

Leftist activists would like the public to believe that abortion clinics are to help women going through difficult times to get the care they need which is often abortion or some may argue that the fetus is not developed and that it is just a lump of cells. Make no mistake, The America First movement must fight to stop the left’s attempt to overturn decades of horrendous policy that cuts taxpayer dollars from abortion activity in our government. Most importantly as Christians, we should view the issue of abortion through the lens of scripture and what God says about the topic which should align with what we believe in our biblical Christian worldview.

As Conservatives, we must do a better job recognizing that no procedure that is destructive to life should be allowed to be called “safe”. The fact of the matter is that abortion is always fatal for at least the unborn child that is in the womb. Abortion is not safe and by no means should be legal. In 2022, Conservatives will win only if we stay true to principle and focus on forwarding President Trump’s pro-life legacy and America First policy agenda which has proven repeatedly to be the most effective political doctrine in American politics. Let's give the Democrats a November to remember this year.

Darren Dershem is an Executive Communications Assistant at RightLife Media.

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