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Following NJ Redistricting, Rizzo Announces NJ-07 Congressional Campaign

"New Jersey’s 7th needs a true Republican—no more Democrats and no more establishment RINOs who pretend to be of the people."

Phil Rizzo, former gubernatorial candidate and local real estate entrepreneur, announced he is now running in New Jersey’s new 7th District against incumbent Democrat Rep. Tom Malinowski.

Rizzo stated, “It comes as no surprise to patriots across New Jersey that the redistricting process was controlled by insiders determined to maintain their grip on power. The scales were tipped in favor of protecting the progressive Democrats’ hold on our state. And while I was looking forward to taking on Mikie Sherrill in New Jersey’s 11th District, I’m going to bring that same fight to bear against Tom Malinowski in the 7th. New Jersey’s 7th needs a true Republican—no more Democrats and no more establishment RINOs who pretend to be of the people.”

As an outsider to New Jersey politics, Rizzo understands the frustration everyday New Jerseyans have with their party leadership. Rizzo didn’t hold back against the Republican establishment in his primary. “When we go after the elites and establishment Republicans of New Jersey, they will fight back and fight dirty. Tom Kean, Jr. is going to do everything he can to get me to drop out of this race, spread lies, and slander me through his allies in the elitist media,” Rizzo added. “He’s a hack, establishment politician who expects this seat to be handed to him. I don’t expect New Jerseyans to buy what Kean is selling. This seat belongs to the people of New Jersey, not to a decades-old family dynasty.”

Rizzo sparked a statewide movement in 2021, criticizing the status quo maintained by New Jersey’s politicians. “They want it both ways. New Jersey’s ruling class wants us to give them the keys to the kingdom, but all they do once they get to Trenton or Washington is lock us out. The results of the 2021 elections made one thing clear: the establishment was put on notice by patriots from every corner of New Jersey.”

Freeing business from government interference, defending our border, ensuring parents can be engaged in their child’s education, taking back our freedoms from Washington and Trenton, securing elections, and protecting free speech and privacy online are key planks in Rizzo’s platform. In Washington, Rizzo wants to see leaders with “the fighting spirit of New Jersey.”

“Nobody is comfortable with the leadership in D.C. right now. Biden and the Left have run over our economy, destroyed our businesses, trampled our civic and medical rights, and created crisis after crisis after crisis. Afghanistan, skyrocketing prices, and COVID-19 vaccine mandates, all happened within one year of Biden’s regime. And—if past behavior is any indicator—neither Malinowski nor Kean are going to do anything to stop him. The citizens of New Jersey’s 7th don’t want to go from blue to light blue. We need a true Conservative candidate who isn’t afraid to fight for what everyday people in the district want. I am ready to take back our Congress.”
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