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Cawthorn Dominates NC-11 Primary Field, Holds 80% GOP Approval Rating

Congressman Madison Cawthorn holds a commanding lead in the Republican primary race for Congress in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District and holds an 80% approval rating among NC-11 GOP voters, according to a new poll.

In a ballot test, Congressman Cawthorn won nearly six times more votes than his nearest competitor, confirming his stance as the frontrunner in the NC-11 GOP primary.

“I am honored to have the trust and support of NC-11 Republican voters. They sent me to Washington with a mission: fight for them. I have never wavered on my commitment to the people of western North Carolina, and I am honored to have their resounding support heading into the 2022 Republican primary election,” said Congressman Madison Cawthorn.

“Congressman Cawthorn is the undisputed frontrunner in the NC-11 primary,” said Blake Harp, campaign manager for Madison Cawthorn. “The support we’ve seen on the ground, in fundraising, and in person has been overwhelming. North Carolinians love Madison Cawthorn, and he is excited to continue fighting for them in Washington.

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