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Ball: “The Left Has Lost the Argument”

"I wouldn't trust Joe Biden to pilot a shopping cart."

RightLife Media CEO Luke Ball slammed the Democrats’ handling of major national issues Thursday, asserting they have lost the national debate among the American people for who should control the government ahead of the midterms.

Predicting a washout in the November general election, Ball suggested the only way Democrats could win in November is if they quickly adopted Republican policies.

“I wouldn’t trust Joe Biden to drive a shopping cart…and yet he is in control of the White House,” Ball said.

“The Democrats have told us to trust the science, to trust the data, and to trust them. But then in the hearings that we were just witnessing in the Judiciary Committee and across the nation where the pro life argument is playing out, we're seeing people say that men can get pregnant or that abortions could be happening up into birth, and even sometimes, in some cases, radical Democrats are saying after birth, and that is a terrifying prospect.”

Ball asserted Christians turning out to the polls in droves was one of the only ways to combat the Democrats’ increasingly dangerous and unrealistic vision for America.

“Christians need to go out and vote. Don't just sit back and assume (you) can be comfortable in the current situation…go out and change it.”

Watch the full interview with Victory News below:

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