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Ball: The J6 Committee is Lying to You

"The selective editing committee is spreading lies."

RightLife Media CEO Luke Ball slammed the January 6th Committee for lying to the American people, saying that the sham committee is selectively editing testimony and using hearsay to advance their narrative.

Ball highlighted how the committee refuses to show the video where President Trump calls for peaceful and patriotic protests to "make your voices heard."

"You saw them never show Donald Trump's clip calling for peaceful and patriotic protests...that happened this week, where they played an entire clip of him saying that they were going to march to the capitol and then they cut out the part where they said 'peacefully unpatriotically to let your voices be heard.'"

Ball also pointed out how Secret Service Agents, who never go on the record, were willing to testify in opposition to Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony last week in the committee, where she claimed President Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the Secret Service vehicle transporting him on January 6th.

"You have secret service agents that are willing to come out on the record and say 'this did not happen.' Secret Service agents do not go on the record, but the fact that somebody is willing to come out and say this just further proves that this is made up, further proves that this is a lie, and that it is false."

"But to (the January 6th Committee,) it doesn't really matter because the truth is being held back and the bombshell salacious testimony is out there in the public."

Watch the full interview on "The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson" below:

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