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Ball Slams Left-Wing NYC Mayor: “New York’s Brand is Crime!”

“Where do you think your filet mignon comes from?"

RightLife CEO Luke Ball ripped New York Mayor Eric Adams over comments he made defaming America’s heartland and propping up New York over other towns across America.

“We have a brand, New York has a brand and when people see it, it means something,” Mayor Adams claimed. “You know when we go there it's not a… Kansas doesn't have a brand!”

Ball hit back, pointing out New York has a brand, but not one it should be proud of.

“Kansas’s brand is corn and cattle. New York's brand is crime and crisis,” Ball responded.

“If you walk down the streets of New York, you're at risk of getting mugged, and if you've walked down the streets of Kansas, I think the greatest risk you'll experience is getting mooed at.

“I have a question for Mayor Adams,” Ball continued. “Where do you think that your filet mignon comes from at these fancy restaurants you go to? Where do you think that the soy with your soy latte comes from?” he asked.

“They don't make that in the Bronx.”

Watch the full interview with Victory News below.

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