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America First Pastor Prepares to Flip NJ-11 RED with Congressional Bid

New Jersey Native, Small business owner, Pastor, and former Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Rizzo announced his campaign for Congressional District 11.

“The people of New Jersey are ready to take back our state. We’re tired of being told we don’t have a voice in our kids’ education, our health decisions, our livelihoods, our speech, our safety, and our elections,” said Rizzo.

Phil is no stranger to facing setbacks and beating them. As a kid growing up in Morris County, he lost his right arm at the elbow during a home accident. For an energetic child with a love of sports, this was devastating. But Phil bounced back despite his injury and went on to star in athletics, attend college, raise a family, start a small business, a church, and a school, and run for Governor of New Jersey - sparking a statewide movement still growing today.

“I’m running for Congress because empowering New Jersey didn’t end with the Governor’s race. Now it means standing up to the federal government and radical, out-of-touch Leftist politicians and unelected bureaucrats trying to tell New Jerseyans how to live our lives,” Rizzo explained. “It also means bringing appropriate federal accountability to New Jersey’s state government when it oversteps our Constitutional rights.”

“I will fight for New Jersey’s values and freedoms - for education that prepares our kids for life, not activism; for strong borders, law and order; for elections we can trust; and for lower taxes, a balanced budget, fewer regulations, and a stronger workforce so New Jerseyans can actually afford groceries, gas, and electricity,” Rizzo promised.

“The challenge ahead will take a fighter with the true spirit of New Jersey — someone who won’t be pushed around, who doesn’t take no for an answer, and who won’t back down when it comes to defending the freedoms of our people and lifting the voices of New Jerseyans.”

“With such overwhelming enthusiasm, momentum, and energy,” says Rizzo, “New Jersey’s best days are ahead.”

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